We're always looking for ways to increase efficiency within the projects we take on and stay at the forefront of safety and environmentally responsible construction. MasTec assists clients in determining the optimal site, size, materials, construction methods, and design features to meet their needs, and we continually work to increase their return on investment, too. Over the course of our history, we have perfected our end-to-end approach to infrastructure projects – design, build, install, and maintain.

We build oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable wind farms across the midwest, maintain electrical transmission and distribution systems that keep lights on across the country, connect communities to new sources of cleaner water, and splice together the fiber-optic networks across America's heartland that put rural towns in touch with distant cities.

When our customers begin a project with us, they are receiving the depth and breadth of a large corporation, with the responsiveness of a small, local organization. We understand the fundamental building blocks of infrastructure, have the right tools set in place, and adapt to the ever-changing world by identifying, evaluating, and developing project opportunities that fit our customers' greatest needs.