Water / Sewer / Civil project

Broward County Filtration System

Pompano Beach, Florida | Broward County Office of Environmental Services

Project Description

Broward County's WTP 1A was constructed in 1960 with a treatment capacity of 3.0 MGD, expanded to 10.5MGD in 1979, and finally to 16.0 MGD in 1994. WTP 2A was originally constructed in 1975 with a treatment capacity of 20 MGD. In 1994, the treatment capacity was expanded to 40 MGD. In an effort to maintain operating capacity and meet continually increasing demand, upgrades to both have been ongoing.

Scope of Work

Replacement of existing WTP filtration media, filter surface wash agitator systems and filter under drains for Filters No. 1 through No. 4 at WTP 1A, including all internal wall waterproofing, installation of air scour manifolds, polyphosphate system and associated chemical process piping. Work at WTP 2A included the replacement of filter media and internal wall waterproofing at Filter No. 4.