Water / Sewer / Civil project

City of West Miami Stormwater System Improvements Phase 1B

West Miami, Florida | City of West Miami Public Works Dept.

To improve stormwater drainage and flood protection by providing an upgraded drainage and treatment system while maximizing water quality treatment of storm runoff as per NPDES requirements. Specifically, the City is to complete construction of a telemetry system, drainage pump stations 1 and 2, maintenance buildings and Phase III French drains.

Scope of Work

Construction of the City of West Miami's stormwater collection and treatment system, including installation of a gravity collection system consisting of 12,278 LF of 15” to 60” drainage pipe, 2,400 LF of French Drain and construction of over 175 drainage structures. Additional work performed also included installation of 10,047 LF of 48” DIP stormwater Force Main, as well as, all other incidentals as indicated by the drawings and specifications or as required to properly complete the project as planned.