Water / Sewer / Civil project

Key Largo Phase 3

Key Largo, Florida | Key Largo Wastewater - Treatment District

Development in the Florida Keys historically relied on cesspits and septic tanks for wastewater disposal. These systems provided little treatment due to the regions lack of soil, porous limestone substrate and high ground water table. In 1999, the Florida Legislature established binding treatment and disposal requirements that all Monroe County wastewater management facilities would have to comply with by July 1, 2010.In 2000, Monroe Countyreleased a Sanitary Wastewater Master Plan addressing elimination of cesspits and septic tanks along with the introduction of advanced wastewater treatment facilities.This project is part of that comprehensive effort.
Construction of approximately 8,750 LF of Vacuum Mains, Collection Pits and Laterals within Basin A, including all required sidewalk, driveway and roadway restoration.