Government project

Lackland Air Force Base

San Antonio, TX | Avaya

Department of the Air Force

Design, engineer, install, and test redundant fiber optic base/campus solution integrating communications network to 370 buildings and 13 main communications nodes.

Scope of Work

After a complex design/engineering effort of the SONET ring to support gigabit Ethernet and future VoIP requirements, MasTec installed fiber cables to 370 buildings and 13 main communications nodes. In addition to installing 79 new manholes, MasTec dug 132,445 feet of trenching and performed 34,191 feet of direction boring to install 320,312 feet of 4" PVC duct and 99,284 feet of HDPE duct. The fiber was terminated and tested at communications closets within each building.

Services Employed

  • Design, engineering, installation, integration
  • Project Management
  • Testing