Water / Sewer / Civil project

Service Areas 4 & 6 Sewer and Stormwater Project

Marathon, FL | City of Marathon

Development in the Florida Keys has historically relied upon cesspits and septic tanks for treatment of wastewater, allowing stormwater to run untreated into near shore waters. As a result, lack of nutrient removal from waste and stormwater has resulted in nutrient-rich discharges into near shore areas, negatively impacting water quality and the marine ecosystem. Recognizing that the Florida Keys marine ecosystem is dependent upon clear, low-nutrient waters, the City has undertaken significant measures to manage both its waste and stormwater prior to discharge. To facilitate these efforts, the City has divided itself into 7 Areas; the work herein represents those efforts at Areas 4 and 6.

Scope of Work

Installation of over 100,000 LF of vacuum sewer lines, 1000 plus sewer lateral connections, force main, water re-use and 40,000+ LF of stormwater lines and improvements. Over 27,000 square yards of complete roadway reconstruction.

Completion Date: May 2010

Project Contract: $28,916,180