Water / Sewer / Civil project

Miami Dade County Spreader Canal Project

West Palm Beach, Florida | South Florida Water Management District

Project Description

The C-111 Spreader Canal Project is located in southern Miami-Dade County in an area bounded by Everglades National Park, the Florida City-Homestead area, and Manatee Bay. The Project is being implemented under the SFWMD State Expedited Construction program in cooperation with the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Project Development Team. 

Scope of Work

This project includes construction of 4,000 LF concrete-lined, above-grade, open channel to convey water from the S-199 as part of the Aerojet Canal Extension; construction of 3,800 LF of unlined,above-grade, bermed channel connection to the abovegrade-lined channel; construction of a weir at the southern end of the unlined Aerojet Extension with a box culvert crossing west under SW 332nd Avenue (Aerojet Road), connecting the Aerojet Extension to the existing Aerojet Canal with construction of 17 weirs and earthen plugs in the Aerojet, C-110 and L-31E Canals.