Water / Sewer / Civil project

Riverside Park Sanitary Sewer Project 10578 – B & C

Fort Lauderdale, FL | City of Fort Lauderdale WaterWorks 2011 Program

The purpose of the Riverside Park Sanitary Sewer Construction Project, part of the City of Fort Lauderdale's WaterWorks 2011 program, is to extend sanitary sewer service to an area of the City that is currently unsewered and uses septic tanks for disposal of residential and commercial sewage. The city is undertaking this work because even though septic tanks can work well for a long time, they will eventually have unacceptable impacts upon groundwater and adjacent surface water, particularly in urban area. This project consists of the installation of a gravity sewer system throughout the entire Riverside Park neighborhood, generally bounded by I-95 on the west, Davie Boulevard on the south and the New river on the east and north.

Scope of Work

Installation of central gravity sanitary sewer system; including approximately 35,000 LF gravity sanitary line, as well as, force mains, water mains, and over 700 sewer connections.

Completion Date: 2008/2009

Project Contract: $11,059,389