Water / Sewer / Civil project

City of Plantation Sanitary Sewer System and Water Main Replacement

Plantation, FL | City of Plantation Utilities Department

Broward County, Florida

The Westgate Lake Manor subdivision consists of 162 homes services by on-site treatment units (septic tanks). The installation of a public sewer system eliminated a large source of pollution affecting their ground and lake water and resulted in a much cleaner and safer environment. The installation of a new water main system also provided higher flow for both consumption and fire protection.

Scope of Work

Improvements to the City of Plantation's sanitary sewer systems, including construction of new gravity sewer system, new duplex sanitary pump station, installation of 4,496 linear feet of 12" force main, 11,200 linear feet of sidewalk and five lift stations. Work included abandonment and demolition of existing pump station, as well as distribution system replacement and site restoration.

Services Employed

  • Installation of new gravity sewer system
  • Pump station construction
  • Lift station construction
  • Demolition & abandonment of existing pump station
  • Distribution system replacement
  • Site Restoration