Water / Sewer / Civil project

St. Lucie County Canal Banks Repairs C-25

St. Lucie County, Florida | South Florida Water Management District

Project Description

South Florida Water Management District maintains approximately 1,800 miles of canals and levees, 25 major pumping stations and about 200 larger and 2,000 smaller water control structures. After the storms of '04 and '05 ravaged the South Florida canal system, many of these canals were stressed beyond their limits and rehabilitation became critical. 

Scope of Work

Furnish all materials, labor, tools and equipment required to repair nearly 10 linear miles (55,070 LF) of the C-25 canal banks. Repair of the canal banks included removal of existing vegetation, backfill and compaction of the banks to 1.5H:1V slopes,  installation of turf reinforcement mats, sodding, and all other appurtenant and collateral work necessary to complete work required by the Contract Documents.