Renewable Energy project

Taloga Wind Farm Construction- - 129.6MW

Putnam, Oklahoma | Edison Mission Energy

Scope of Work: Wind Farm Construction
The wind energy construction crews of MasTec will complete the Taloga Wind Farm, near Putnam, Oklahoma, in the summer of 2011.  At project completion, crews will have erected 54 Mitsubishi MWT95 2.4MW turbines and installed over 20 miles of Transmission Line.
Helping the Community
During construction of the Taloga project, MasTec employees volunteered their time and efforts to clean up at a nearby lake.  Thirty-seven MasTec employees walked the 63 mile shoreline surrounding Foss Lake and removed eight large dumpsters of trash.
Services Employed
  • Sitework                 
  • Roads
  • Foundations
  • O&M Building
  • Substation
  • Transmission Lines
  • Underground Collection
  • Wind Turbine Erection